ClearChain Self-Funded Health Care Plan

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Custom health care for your group, with lower costs and more benefits.

Our goal for every employer we work with is to improve the employer’s current plan rather than eliminate components. Because ClearChain Health is not defined by carrier models, we are able to customize a plan that is right for you and your workforce, resulting in low-cost improvements to make your plan better for your employees while saving you money along the way.

With ClearChain Health, you won’t experience changes to what is covered. It will just cost you less. 


How ClearChain Health Costs You Less

ClearChain Health represents the transparent management of the healthcare supply chain. The ClearChain member agreement transparently aligns the best-in-class vendors with employer groups. The underwriting and fixed costs associated with the ClearChain program are extremely competitive in the market.

At ClearChain Health, we are proud to be considered the most transparent and efficient healthcare program available.

The ClearChain Health Program includes:

  • A set overall deductible – determined by the employer
  • The ability to setout-of-pocket limits on member expenses – determined by the employer
  • Ability to control what is not included in the employee out-of-pocket limits (for example, employer-paid premium equivalents or employee premium equivalent contributions)
  • A list of what is not included in the out-of-pocket limit

The ClearChain Health Plan Does NOT include:

  • Deductibles for specific services
  • An overall limit on what the plan pays
  • A mandatory network of providers
  • Mandatory referral requirements to see specialists

Vendor relationships that benefit you and your employees.

Because ClearChain Health is a direct relationship between you, your medical providers, and your health insurance. We have the ability to work with the very best vendors to deliver your health benefits program, from insurance underwriting and ICM Utilization management to member advocacy and prescription benefits.  

Every vendor partner we connect to your ClearChain Health benefits program will commit to capturing only their specified fee structure and no behind-the-scenes unspecified revenue.

Essentially, we eliminate the conflicts of interest and align each vendor’s revenue with your success.

Costs will be detailed and included in claims funding, and all costs will be clearly outlined in your ClearChain Administrative Agreement.

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