What Makes ClearChain Different

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 ClearChain Health allows members to choose their own doctors at any time while saving employers money on the benefits package they provide.

Because we provide a self-funded insurance plan, ClearChain Health helps mid-market employers throughout the United States spend less money, offer better benefits, and get more from their health care spending.

At ClearChain health, we transparently manage the healthcare supply chain. Today’s traditional carrier and broker models have significant conflicts of interest associated with their networks, overrides, and non-reported income, including being paid a percentage of stop-loss premiums or undelivered rebates. 

At ClearChain Health, we are proud to be considered the most transparent and efficient healthcare program available.

We approach insurance billing from a unique perspective.

Transparent Pricing – Because we don’t have established agreements with providers, we are able to offer employers fair and transparent pricing for medical services and procedures. When working with ClearChain, facilities are required to file what each procedure code costs. Reviewing these fees allows us to set prices at a fair rate and provide fair reimbursement to our employers.

Auditing and Bundling – When we receive a provider’s invoice with procedure codes, we audit, review and bundle multiple healthcare services under a single code. Code bundling allows us to reduce the number of bills that need to be sent out, primarily when the services were performed together. Eliminating duplicate codes through bundling saves employers significant time and money while making billing easier for the patient to understand.

Direct Relationship Between You, Your Medical Providers, and Your Health Insurance – Our transparent plan also allows members to visit any provider they choose at any time without a referral. This also means that our program is open to any provider who wants to participate. When we remove the network, we are able to expose our clients to benefits programs they can afford, and members to the health care they need and deserve.

Strong Partnerships – Because ClearChain Health is an open-network program, we seek out and work with trusted vendors across the country to provide the highest quality plan and pricing for our employers and members. These partners provide transparent pricing which results in significant cost-savings and lower co-pays.

Outcomes  – At ClearChain Health, we focus on outcomes and transparent pricing, which is the direct path to lower costs for employers. Through our auditing processes and multi-level methodology, we review both Medicare and the facility’s cost of service to create a fair and reasonable payment from the outset. 

Stop Loss – We remove the barriers to overinsuring stop-loss, which helps employers achieve steady stop-loss renewals. Our partners continually provide strong loss ratios for our carrier partners, which means that our clients are consistently profitable.

Fee Caps – While ClearChain Health’s fees are claims-based, we cap our fees to ensure employers are not exposed to inflated billing or costs.

A direct relationship between you, your medical providers, and your health insurance benefits your employees, too.

Through ClearChain Health, your employees:

  • Can select their own providers, including primary care providers (PCPs) or specialists.
  • Do not have out-of-network penalties or restrictions because there is no network.
  • Do not need a referral to see a specialist.
  • And, regardless of the care source, all claims are processed and paid on an in-network basis, reducing the members’ financial responsibility.

Why ClearChain Health Doesn’t Have a Provider Network

Simply put, we don’t offer a network of providers or operate as a traditional insurance company because we want to have the ability to audit the providers that participate in our program. Traditional insurance companies typically don’t audit the procedure codes provided by healthcare facilities. As a result, employers pay higher rates that can significantly impact the company’s bottom line. At ClearChain Health, we operate on the belief that the audit we implement catches errors and saves money at every level of the claims process. We work for you, the employer to save you money.  

Find out how ClearChain Health generates better outcomes, lower costs, and better benefits packages for you and your employees.

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