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Guide to Pharmacy Benefits

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Medications Organized around Your Life

Easily manage your prescription benefits and medications through our interactive member portal that includes a find-a-pharmacy tool, personalized prescription history, benefits questions and more.


What does this mean to you?

  1. ClearChain Health offers transparent pharmacy benefits.
  2. Use the pharmacy of your choice.
  3. Most prescriptions will cost less.
  4. Zero dollar generic drugs on co-pay plans.
  5. Convenient mail-in option.
  6. Superior member support.

Transitioning to the ClearChain Pharmacy Benefits Program is easy, but here are a few tips

If you have an open prescription, get it filled prior to transition. Once you receive your ClearChain ID card, give that information to your pharmacy. 

If you have any questions or concerns with the ClearChain Pharmacy Benefit Program, simply contact our Member Support team at 866-900-3711.


We’re here for you.

Health care and benefits can be complicated. Our Member Support team is here to help you understand your benefits, how to use your plan, find a provider, and answer any questions you have.

Getting Started with ClearChain

Learn the easy steps you’ll take to start using ClearChain and how we’ll help you navigate the process.

Nominate Your Provider

Learn why it’s important to nominate your provider to participate, how to do it and our role before your next visit.

Account Management

Learn how we help with balance billing, chronic disease management and hospital admissions.