Why Employers Choose ClearChain Health

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We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with your company and you to offer the very best benefits package available.

Today’s health care market offers significant challenges. The costs seem to be going up at all times and the benefits seem to be getting worse for most employer groups and likewise, for most employees.  When we look at the marketplace, we’re trying to find ways to reduce employees’ out-of-pocket and help them gain access to excellent health care at more affordable rates. We’re excited that your company selected ClearChain Health to be the best solution in the marketplace.

Employers are choosing to work with ClearChain Health because we can provide better benefits at a lower cost to you and your organization. Here is how we do it:

The first stage of working with your company was to define some shared goals. Your company wanted to find ways to improve your employee benefits package, specifically your health care program, to attract and retain the best team members. 

  •  We started with an employee survey
  •  Gained feedback from your peers
  •  Presented that information to your company

ClearChain Health provides better solutions for employers.

Based on feedback we have gathered from all of our employers, we found many common employee needs and goals:

  •  A health care program that wasn’t as costly
  •  Reduced out-of-pocket expenses
  •  Access to lower co-pays
  •  Access to health care that was more affordable

We were able to work with your company to take these goals and find ways to accomplish just this.

ClearChain Health provides better health care benefits for employees.

Transitioning from a traditional carrier to a program like ClearChain Health offers some excellent opportunities for you as an employee.

We’re able to offer better benefits at lower out-of-pocket costs, along with lower employee contributions. But to accomplish this, there are going to be some important aspects of the program we want to review with you.

  • Provider access
  • Access to your prescription drugs
  • Coordination of benefits transitioning from your previous carrier
  • Balance bills and how to manage them

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