Provider FAQ

Do you have still have questions? Then you’ve come to the right place! Read on for answers to the most frequently asked questions about our providers.



+ How do I submit claims or contact ClearChain Health?

Submit claims through the EDI on the back of the member’s insurance card. 

Mail claims to:
ClearChain Health
EDI# 19753
P.O. Box 21392
Eagan, MN 55121

Contact our ClearChain Health Provider Support team at 833-484-9985.


+ How do I log in to the provider portal?

Login to the portal here.

+ What can I do in the provider portal?

You can quickly access claims associated with a provider’s tax id number, provider group, and identify if a member is active.


+ Do you require credentialing?

No. As a network-free plan, we do not require credentialing.

+ Why do patients need to nominate providers?

We have the provider nomination process to allow ClearChain Health to make an introduction to you as a provider. It simply explains the program and confirms you will see the patient, treat the patient, submit claims, and get paid.

+ How do patients nominate me as a provider?

Our member will submit a provider nomination form with your contact information. Then, our Member Support team will contact your office, answer any questions you have, and confirm you will see the patient, treat the patient, submit claims, and get paid.


+ Do you have a provider network?

No. ClearChain Health is a network-free insurance plan. This means our patients get to choose their providers. 

+ Can I get on the list of providers for ClearChain Health for members who may be looking for a new doctor?
We do not have a specific list of participating providers from which our members can choose. However, when a member is looking for a new provider, we offer a provider concierge service. The member contacts our Member Support team and we will recommend a provider based on what the member is looking for. Providers who already participate with ClearChain Health for another patient are included in our recommendations. If a member selects you as their new provider, our member support team will also reach out to you to start the nomination process and connect you with your new patient.


+ What happens to my patient if I do not participate in the ClearChain Health plan?

90% of all providers will participate with ClearChain Health once introduced.

When providers or facilities choose not to participate with ClearChain Health, our Member Support team will contact that facility to answer any questions.  After we take this step, most providers will agree to participate.

If, after talking to our team, the provider or facility still declines to participate, we will contact your patient – our member – and let them know of your decision. Our member then has the option to continue accepting treatment from you (uncovered by his/her insurance plan) or selecting a new provider who will participate with ClearChain Health.

Provider Resources

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Provider Portal

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Advocacy & Appeals

We strive to eliminate unnecessary steps in the reimbursement process.